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Paper 100 g

100 gram writing envelope printing is also one of the most commonly used types of envelopes. Printing envelopes, 100 sizes of envelopes, A5, A4 can be printed and supplied. 100 gram writing envelope printing is also printed in general form and in 4 colors (full color) and there is no color restriction. It is recommended to use the envelope design guide of your desired size to design and send envelope files. Dear Sirs, you can also use office printing packages that include envelopes and letterheads to save money. To create a safe space when cutting, it is recommended to leave your logo and other writings at least 5 mm away from the edges of the work.

Paper 100gm

Quantity PrintingSide Size Price Order
1000 2\1 11*22 0
1000 2\1 A5 0
1000 2\1 A4 0
1000 2\1 A3 0