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Letterhead 140 gm

Another new and attractive product of the Zanprintify printing collection is 140g card letterhead printing. The printing of 140 gram card letterheads is done in offset and they are very suitable for administrative and management affairs. 140 gram letterhead printing can be done in full color, and this type of paper is very suitable for template and feather printing, and all colors are very clear and vivid. Also, if you want to receive the letterhead as a source, specify it in the letterhead printing order form. The only negative feature of this paper is the possibility of printing this letterhead only in one way. To create a safe space when cutting, it is recommended to leave your logo and other writings at least 5 mm away from the edges of the work.

سربرگ A4

Quantity PrintingSide Size Price Order
1000 1 21*29.7 0
5000 1 21*29.7 290
2000 1 21*29.7 0

سربرگ A5

Quantity PrintingSide Size Price Order
1000 1 21*14.8 50
2000 1 21*14.8 90
5000 1 21*14.8 180