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ngin 14.8 * 14.6

Another series of calendars from zanprintify Printing's specialized collection is Negin desktop calendar printing. Unlike other calendars, the dimensions of this calendar are much closer to a square, and this square size has made this calendar well received. The dimensions of this calendar are 14.8 x 14.6 cm, which are offered in 4 basic colors, white, black, red and dark brown. The printing of this calendar is done exclusively, you can send this calendar as 13 double-sided pages for printing. If you need help to design this calendar, your experts in the collection are at your service to guide you to have a more beautiful calendar. Features of Nagin desktop calendar printing: Size of each calendar page: 14.8x14.6 cm Minimum circulation of 500 pieces Glossy paper 200 grams 13 double sheets without cover The possibility of choosing the color of the rod and the base (white - black - red - dark brown) Fully exclusive printing with your desired design


Quantity PrintingSide Description Price Order
500 2 0
1000 2 0
2000 2 0
3000 2 - 0
5000 2 0