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24x11.5 nafis

The exquisite calendar is a new calendar that has been added this year to the series of exclusive desktop calendar printing products. In the past, this calendar was only offered publicly, but due to the good reception of this calendar, it was also offered exclusively. The wide dimensions of each calendar sheet are 24 x 11.5, which should be paid attention to its rounded corners when designing. The base of this calendar is also available in 4 colors: black, white, red and dark brown. Features of Nafis exclusive desktop calendar printing: Size of each calendar page: 24x11.5 cm Minimum circulation of 500 pieces Glossy paper 200 grams 13 double sheets without cover The possibility of choosing the color of the rod and the base (white - black - red - dark brown) Fully exclusive printing with your desired design


Quantity PrintingSide Price Order
500 2 0
1000 2 0
2000 2 0
3000 2 0
5000 2 0