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zren 10*22

One of the most beautiful and popular desktop calendars is Zarin's exclusive desktop calendar printing. This desktop calendar has a white, black, red and green base and sub-base and a plastic spring of the same color. This calendar has 13 double sheets or 26 pages, which can be printed exclusively for the golden calendar. The Zanprintify printing collection has provided this possibility for those friends and colleagues who intend to design based on the format of this calendar. You can download the open layer file of this calendar in the Golden Calendar Design Guide. And if you need a design, Zanprintify printing gives you the assurance that the specialized designers of the collection will be by your side until the end of the design work. Features of Zarin exclusive desktop calendar printing: The size of each calendar page is 22 x 10 cm Minimum circulation of 250 pieces Glossy paper 200 grams 13 double leaves with varnish The possibility of choosing the color of the rod and the base (white - black - red - dark brown) Fully exclusive printing with your desired design


Quantity PrintingSide Price Order
250 2 0
500 2 0
1000 2 0
2000 2 0
3000 2 0
5000 2 0