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Invoices written 70 60

70 gram writing invoice printing with 60 gram underlayment is considered among the most popular invoices in the country's market due to the reasonable price. In contrast to our carbonless invoices, separate carbons are required between the pages, but due to the fact that public papers are used in the printing of the invoices, the quality of printing the invoices is higher to some extent. The printed invoice is printed in 3 groups. One-color black invoice printing, two-color red and black invoice printing, full-color invoice printing. The printed invoice is fully bound and numbered in red, which can be presented in 2-page and 3-page form. It is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that the color of the middle copies of carbonless papers will be according to the inventory of the printing house. It is possible to make additional perforations and additional numbers for all invoices. "When printing the invoice, a sheet will be delivered for each number corresponding to the number of sheets you have selected. For example, in choosing 2000 3-sheet issues, 3 sheets will be delivered for each issue, which means that for an order of 2000 issues, 6000 sheets will be delivered.