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NCR carbonless invoice

Carbonless invoice printing is one of the most widely used types of invoices in the country today. Carbonless invoice means that you will not need to put carbon between invoice sheets to write your invoice. Zanprintify's carbonless invoice printing can be printed in three families: monochrome, black, red, black, or four colors (full color) and fully bound with a red number. NCR carbonless invoice printing is offered in 2-page and 3-page format. It is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that the color of the middle copies of carbonless papers will be according to the inventory of the printing house. "When printing the invoice, a sheet will be delivered for each number corresponding to the number of sheets you have selected. For example, in choosing 2000 numbers of 3 pages, 3 pages will be delivered for each number, which means that for an order of 2000 numbers, 6000 pages will be delivered.